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Leda - Brigid Marlin Tantric Therapy incorporates both the therapy in healing, restorative, and emotional release and education through conscious awareness drawing out your self-knowledge and self-control. Our body contains innate wisdom and capacity for healing. Do you want to feel lithe, free, and energized? Most of us go through the day or even our life without being aware of how we are in our bodies and what they are trying to communicate. Most of us respond to our body by ignoring what it is telling us. Lasting pleasure, health and self-understanding can come from loving your body and exploring a Tantric therapy.

Benefits of Tantric Therapy:

  • Awakening of the Whole Body
  • Cultivation of Emotions of Love
  • Understanding of sexual energy
  • Channelling the Energy to the Crown
  • Joy of Creativity of Each Moment of Pleasure
  • Joy of Freedom from any Goals
  • Joy of Exchange of Love and Energy
  • Experiencing the Sense of Union & Oneness
  • Feelings of Timelessness

Our therapy sessions are available by appointment:
for individuals - $360/hr; for couples - $650/hr

Tantric Massage (for women & couples only)
Tantric massage in our system is a cultivation of love and presence, the massage of a loving heart. In the interplay of breath, movement and stillness, it emphasizes the feeling and moving of energy in the body and includes interactive elements such as communication, ritual, eye contact, heart and breath connection and energy movement. No part of our being is left out of the dance. The support is continuous and total. The nurturing power of Tantric massage grounds you while your whole body creates a containment in which it is safe to go deep within to discover the peace and love in your heart and the feelings of timelessness, oneness, completeness and unity with the divine. In the emptiness at the bottom of your breath is the greatest peace. You will feel new ways of being, of breathing and listening with your entire body, of unfolding of life itself. This happens without any intention or idea. It ends with a separation in which both freedom and a sense of connection are as present as at the end.

Pelvic Heart Integration Therapy (for women & couples only)
This work integrates deep tissue massage with breathwork, energy work, trauma release, Gestalt, and psychodrama in clearing blocked emotions. It is much more complex and sophisticated than simple Sacred Spot massage. The focus is on restoring the integrity of the natural flow of orgasmic energy between the heart and the genitals. Part of the process involves learning to recognize how we cut off this flow, how our gender identities support or undermine our sexual relationships, and how our past and current relationship patterns are linked to our sexual blocks. In this therapy, you will be guided in connecting your inner masculine and feminine sides and in exploring how your love for yourself and others can be deepened and strengthened through the genitals and heart. These things are felt in every cell of the body, your inner mother and father will support the sexuality of your inner child, recapturing childhood innocence, curiosity and excitement at each stage of your life. You begin loving yourself, creating a strong flow between the pelvis and heart, rather than looking outside yourself for love. This inside integration gives a sensual constancy to your love and permits you to share love with others without losing yourself. You will experience the natural rhythms of pleasure and excitement in your body.

Mayan Abdominal Massage (for women & couples only)
The Maya Abdominal Massage is an effective medium to bring you to an emotional and spiritual center and a great way to release stored emotional tension - for both women and men. The Maya Abdominal Massage addresses the position and health of the pelvic and abdominal organs by releasing deep muscle tissue spasms in the entire abdominal area and facilitating the normal flow of blood, lymph, nerves and chi throughout the entire body. This ancient massage technique is centered around the ancient Mayan technique of uterine massage which is an external non-invasive massage for preventing and correcting the prolapsed, fallen, tilted uterus and guiding the uterus into its correct position. (Uterine displacement causes many of our female complaints such as PMS, difficult menopause, bladder and yeast infections and constipation.) The work is best known for the prevention and treatment of benign prostate enlargement (swelling and congestion of the prostate) in men.

Hawaiian Kahuna Massage
Hawaiian Kahuna Massage is a sacred and beautiful style of healing. It is a unique massage which has been handed down through Hawaiian families for generations. Different parts of the body may be massaged at the same time, with full body and under-body strokes being used to bring the body back into balance and instill a deep sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing. The massage is given in a long, fluid, rhythmic and continuous motion working with the body's natural flow and rhythm to cleanse, vitalize and activate innate healing properties, memories and wisdom.

Watsu Aquatic Bodywork
Watsu lets you float comfortably in warm water while your muscles are massage, joints mobilized, tissues stretched, energy pathways opened. Excellent for treating stress, sleep disorders, chronic back pain and arthritis. Watsu also gives you the opportunity to go beyond the physical. In the warm water, the weightless movements of your body as it gently waves and sways through the currents very quickly blend together into one harmonious, timeless, flowing dance. And what you notice is not the work being done on your body, but a profound physical release, letting go, and relief from tensions and pain. At the same time as your body is letting go, so too is your mind. The body and mind are quiet, what you’re left with is the fundamental essence of your being. Your soul. Your spirit. The real you.

"When you hold someone; feel their surrender and your connection to them it is hard to maintain a judgmental or superior attitude. When you feel another letting go of tension and the fear behind it, it is hard to hold onto your own fears." ~ Harold Dull